Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VivId- my new film!

So some of you might have heard a little about my new film VivId: It is something i have a leading role in as well as producing (and basically filling in all the gaps). It is Brandon Slagles directing debut- hes doing a fab job. We have halted production briefly to film Cut (more on that in a bit) but so far are about half way through filming.
Its about a serial killer known as The Man of Sin (slagle) who feels he has achieved all that he can as far as thrills go. In search of the next high he discovers a way see what life is like as another person. He learns about his victims through their daydreams and soaks up their fear through their own eyes in the last moments of their life and death.
Filming is taking place in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the vein of Alice in Wonderland, Inception and Crash: Vivid stars Rachel Grubb, Devanny Pinn, Keith Kraft, Deneen Melody and Brandon Slagle- with Bill Oberst Jr.,  Elisabeth Fies, Barry Radcliff, Katrina Cheri, Tara Cardinal and Bianca Barnett

Curious? Make sure to watch the teaser trailer on my blog! Vivid wraps production December :)

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