Friday, September 9, 2011

New stuff!

I am Tromas Tromette of the Month- yay! Check it out Tromette!

Is going to play the lead in an upcoming film 'Broken'..which is realllyyy cool because movie theaters in the midwest have signed on to play the film already! Please check out the indiegogo (they have funds but could use a bit more to help with postpro before it goes to theaters) to learn more about the project and to support it in anyway you can- very important! we want theaters to continue to help out the indie scene
learn about BROKEN

Agreed to headline the amazing Dennis Willman (GingerStein) new comic series 'The Vengence of Sleepy Hollow". Very excited about this new project- stay tuned for more info on that.

Making the rounds at the D-list hollywood red carpets..heres video clip from my latest- Corey Feldmans movie premiere for Bye Bye Bin Laden. (film is ok...corey is actually very good- would like to see him opposite some serious actors..he brings an Agame)

and last but not least i have a new media project coming up called SAFE WORD. (and yes it is what your thinking) best of all a woman is directing it and Rachel Grubb stars in it so who doesnt want to get involved there? learn about SafeWord

Area 51 Confidential- world premiere!

The rough cut is completed and sent out to distributors, but the public will get a sneak peek at the found footage film Area 51 Confidential in oklahoma thanks to the films composer James Hawley.
Following the event, the film will have a world premiere in Las Vegas at the Black October Film Festival

check out cast and crew info at the imdb: