Thursday, February 24, 2011

Upcoming films

Hello all..been a bit busy and havent had a chance to update much.. heres whats coming up!
CULT Vol.1
I am hosting a dvd of top horror shorts set to be available to buy on amazon late april-
the film features genre talent like Suzi Lorraine, Shannon Lark, Deneen Melody, Rachel Grubb, Elisabeth Fies, Brandon Slagle, Erik Preston, Wolfgang Meyer and more! See all types of styles and bloodshed- add the facebook page and stay tuned to support indie horror

THE LOCALS (shooting march 2011)
im staring in a 80's cannibal film told through remastered behind-the-scenes found footage. when a group of indie filmmakers head out to the woods to shoot their lowbudget slasher they didnt know what film would end up terrifying audiences for generations following.
tons of crazy cool stuff in this one- also stars danny lopes, angie savage, elske mccain, tawny amber young, brandon slagle, erik preston and greg duke.
add the facebook page-

SCREAM 4 YOUR LIFE (shooting april-may 2011)
costaring in awesome new slasher! (yes its got a bit of a 'scream' element..) a famous scream queen from the 90s retires and takes her younger sister into hiding after a crazed fan goes on a murderous rampage in an attempt to get to his idol. 10 years later the killings have started up again to draw her out of hiding..and not only are the victims her younger sister and friends, but they are dying in the same way as the famous kills from her movies.
- this is one to watch..this is the slasher of all slashers and it pays homage to great horror films of various decades- you big horror buffs might recognize a favorite kill or two  ;)

NEBULUS (late summer 2011)
so..(as far as i know) i am not acting in this one-  producer. this is a scifi film that i am very excited to be helping on. its post apoc where the human race is almost extinct and the few remaining have been relocated to another planet and are attempting to survive. add the facebook page for details
we are also collecting additional funding for this one so if you are interested in supporting the effort (and wel put alot of effort in trust me) please consider donating at the indiegogo site here: Help Fund Nebulus
anything and everything helps- thanks!

MANSON RISING (august 2011)
oober super excited to do this one..its a bio pic of Charles Manson told over various decades of his life. first time you will see into his childhood and deep into what makes him tick. i am playing the baby of the group- the reverend moorehouse's daughter Ruth Anne Moorehouse.. who most people remember as the girl who helped pick up the beach boy and spiked the hamburger :)  the cast is awesome- suzi lorraine, tiffany shepis, linnea quigley and more

Cathartic (my directorial effort- short film) will be completed next week for the festival rounds and on the CULT dvd, VIViD is 1/2 way through edit for spring premiere and Song of the Shattered will be out on dvd beginning of May!

more coming soon- thanks for checking up