Wednesday, November 10, 2010

annnddd CUT! snuff film anyone? :)

lots of buzzz about this one! prob because of the oober talented cast/crew attached.
we are half way through principal photography and it is Amazing so far. im scaring alot of people and cracking up the rest in my role as Rebecca. Filming in norther NY with some awesome people like Michael Berryman, Katie Parker, Brandon Slagle, Jesse Kozel, Tawny Amber Young, Mark Hansen and Shannon Lark. its been soo fun.
directed by my favorites: Joe Hollow and Wolfgang Meyer. crew is solid..including my new fav Justin Gordon. next up is an asylum with Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Michael again. its gana be badazzzzz
top it off with a quick scene opposite my dearest Deneen. got all the allstars jam packed. worked for the first time with ms. Jessica Cameron. pleased to say the good rumors were true. a joy to work with.
to quote Cameron and Melody..its so nice to meet girls who just "get it".
More pics and press coming soon. Check out the imdb:


  1. :)
    So happy to finally be in scenes with you!

  2. I know! took long enough! :)
    you were sooo much fun Jesse. i love with you did with your character. im going to cry when/if you die in this heheh
    thanks for such a great shoot and giving me something great to play off of. cant wait til Hellstorm! xo