Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Western X

Between the wild west, badass filmmaking that makes us indie people proud, free entertainment and ...Deneen Melody, everyones got a reason to tune into the debut of the Western X  series! and why the hell not, because ive seen a sneak peak of a couple of episodes and its just fantastic. promise.
why are you still on my lame ass blog..? your missing it. go.

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  1. First off, Western X is amazing. I saw the first three webisodes at the Sacramento Horror/Sci-Fi Con this year and I'm eager to see more.

    However, you, Tara, Brandon and Deneen were awesome at the show talking & promoting all your various projects. Song of the Shattered and 15 til Midnight look tremendous. As I always say...horror and sci-fi people (in any medium) are always the coolest. Keep it up!