Sunday, June 5, 2011

casting for upcoming horror/thriller feature

k.. for everyone who constantly bugs me about "do you have a role for me??" yes, maybe this time i do. a friend of mine is directing his next feature and does not want to be swamped with actors anymore than i do so he will be looking here and making selections as to whom he would like to have.
please do not contact me a zillions times, please do not leave your information if you do not match what is needed

casting for thriller feature to be shot mid/late july.. non union- for imdb credit/meals only.. backend points optional. film will get shot AND finished- great opp for exposure, press and possible additional film roles..if youre nice to work with and dont suck.
must be local to los angeles!!

2 females 18-24yrs old. attractive- must be able to portay party girls during spring break..and then turn around and give the most serious dramatic performance of your life. SERIOUS actors only

2 guys  20-28 yrs old.  one leading man type, one geeky/socially off type. SERIOUS dramatic actors.

Leave your links (REEL, imdb, website etc)
check back for updates and possible additional roles.

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